who we are

The Vypoint Group LLC is a Silicon Valley-based producer of digital media and an investor group focusing on digital content and companies.

about us


John Hollar founded Vypoint in 2005 in London. He is in his third decade as an award-winning television and digital producer, institution-building CEO and leader of creative teams in the United States and Europe.

In his career as an executive producer, John has managed the creation of hundreds of hours of television for PBS, the BBC, France 5, China Central Television and Channel 4. His creative teams have won awards throughout the world, including a BAFTA and the Milia d’Or. He has structured more than 40 co-production relationships worldwide with Discovery, BBC 4, PBS, Channel 4, Shine, Paladin Invision, David Grubin Productions, Millimages, CCTV, CTV Media and ZDF.

He has been a senior executive of PBS, where he co-founded PBS.org in 1995, and Pearson plc, the international media company. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley from 2008 to 2017, leading the transformation of the museum into a major international institution and an innovative media producer.

He is a voting member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, a Fellow of the Royal Television Society, a Senior Fellow and board member of the American Leadership Forum-Silicon Valley and a member of the IMPACT Advisory Board of DocuSign, Inc., in San Francisco. He is an active investor in technology and digital media companies.

John grew up in Pampa, Texas, obtained BFA and BA degrees in Journalism and Political Science from Southern Methodist University, and a JD from Harvard Law School.


Carol Stiglic is a producer of globally distributed television, radio and digital programming featuring some of the most compelling figures of the digital age.

From 2009 to 2016 she led the commissioning, production and distribution of live programming at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. At CHM she served as creator and producer of Revolutionaries, a 65-episode series of one-hour interviews with luminaries from technology, business, literature and the arts. Revolutionaries kicked off in January 2011 with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jane Smiley’s appearance to discuss her best-selling biography of John Vincent Atanasoff, “The Man Who Invented the Computer.” She then went on to secure appearances from some of the most sought-after names of the age.

Her featured guests include major business executives: Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Ed Catmull, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Eric Schmidt, Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Ford, Sam Palmisano, Ginni Rometty, Steve Case, Paul Jacobs, Evan Williams and others. Major historians, authors and artists include Walter Isaacson, Steven Levy, John Markoff, Ernest Freeberg, Jon Gertner, Kurt Beyer, Philip Sheppard, Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli. Technologists include Microsoft’s Eric Horvitz, Google’s Peter Norvig, IBM’s David Ferrucci, America’s Cup innovator Stan Honey, MIT’s Cynthia Breazeal, Sony’s Shu Yoshida, Amazon’s Rich Hilleman and the Google Doodle team.

Her work in developing content partners opened relationships with Random House, Simon & Schuster, Penguin, Viking, Fast Company, Wired, NPR, the Financial Times, The New York Times, Cirque du Soleil and many others. She is an experienced architect of distribution partnerships. Her relationships include San Francisco’s KQED television and radio, Minnesota Public Radio, C-SPAN, WGBH’s WORLD Channel, and the BBC World Service.

Carol joined Vypoint in 2016. She grew up in Torrance, California, and holds a bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University.